Thursday, 9 July 2015

Paisley Print & petite fashion tips

perfectly petite fashion with Wallis

For the second instalment (first post here) of my collaboration with Wallis, I styled up my white jeans, again. For this outfit I chose this 70s inspired boho paisley blouse to compliment the white jeans, in order to create a totally different look than the previous.

Bohemian vibes are great, especially for summer, but going full on Sienna Miller/ Vanessa Hudgens et al. is something I'm always a little scared of. I therefore usually pick just one bohemian inspired piece which I can play around with and style in a number of ways. I loved this floaty top from Wallis' petite range and I thought that the blue hues, together with the translucent fabric, would work well against the white jeans - the top would also look great with a pair of denim cut-offs and metallic sandals in the summer sun. I also chose a pair of espadrille wedge shoes for a bit of added height which is necessary for an evening out. The final ensemble? Well, tell me what you think in the comment section below!
I personally think this out outfit is suited for all those summer BBQs, but maybe I will avoid the ketchup...
petite fashion styling and breaking styling myths
petite fashion blogger collaboration with Wallis
petite style inspo
petite blogger style in collaboration with Wallis
tips for petite styling with Wallis Fashion
petite style tips in collaboration with Wallis fashion
Top / Jeans / Wedges all Wallis*

As I said in my previous post, I wanted to share with you some of my tips for petite styling and to discuss those petite fashion myths. To avoid making this the longest blog post in history, I will start with my personal favourite petite fashion tips, which I live by, and I will resume the rest in a separate post.

My top 'perfectly petite' fashion rules are:

1. Go high waist 
I find high waist jeans/ shorts etc. super flattering since they give the illusion of longer legs!
 I've read on numerous occasions that low rise jeans aren't as flattering as they make you look shorter - definitely something I'm keen to avoid. That's not to say you can't wear mid to low rise (the jeans in this post, for example, are mid-rise and balance out my frame perfectly). I just like the illusion high waist trousers give, lengthening my lower half and clinching in my waist.   

2. Avoid too many layers 
Petites can become drowned when sporting too many layers, resulting in an unflattering look. Layers can work, if done right, but it massively depends on the cut, colour, style and texture of the separate items being worn together. Opt for thinner fabrics such as silks and cashmere and avoid wearing too many chunky knits/ thick items all at the same time to get layering right. 

3, Opt for V- necks 
A v-neck elongates the torso giving the illusion of being taller, hurrah! 

4. Go Small (with accessories) 
As much as I love statement jewellery and accessories, and I do wear them, I know that being petite I suit smaller more dainty jewellery and accessories. It is a well established rule that oversized accessories can drown you, therefore stick to just one statement piece if going oversized.

5. Monochromatic 
Going monochrome provides for an elongating effect. Sticking to similar colours with few colour variations works best, or wearing complimentary colours with each other can also work too. If you don't know what complimentary colours are, check out this guide by cosmo here.

What fashion rules do you live by?

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Perfectly petite with Wallis

perfectly petite style guide
Perfectly Petite with Wallis
When Wallis got in touch asking if I would take part in their 'perfectly petite' campaign, I was thrilled!
One of the main reasons why I initially decided to start blogging was to share my style ideas for other petite girls who, like me, struggle not only finding clothes that fit properly, but also knowing the best way to dress for their height.
I love that more and more high street stores are now offering a petite range, thus expanding their target market. I really like most petite collections available on the high street, but I do find that they are usually quite limited in terms of stock. Wallis, however, has a really great petite range varying from casual separates to affordable work wear. Admittedly, I had never previously shopped at Wallis but they were on my radar so to speak. So when Wallis asked me to be part of the campaign promoting their new petite collection I was excited to get on board.
Wallis kindly asked me to choose my favourite pieces from their collection to style up however I wanted. In all honestly, I would definitely recommend Wallis' petite collection; not only were the clothes I received of a high quality they are also affordable and offer a great fit for those 5'3" and under.
For my petite style challenge I chose to style a pair of white jeans; partly because they are one of the ultimate summer wardrobe essentials; partly because I wanted to prove that petites can pull them off! I'm a firm believer that petites everyone regardless of their shape or size should be able to wear whatever the hell you want, as long as it's something you feel comfortable wearing - I believe that with some looks you might just have to work a little harder to get that perfectly styled look you're after to suit your particular shape. Since there are many myths that I often hear or read in magazines, etc. about what petites should or shouldn't wear I wanted to disprove some of said myths and that's where this post comes in. White jeans get a bad rep; notorious for making you appear bigger and painfully unforgiving. Whilst that may be true if you get the style or size wrong, if you get the style right they can look fabulous! And I love white jeans, and I'm here to break rules and prove that us petites can wear them!
perfectly petite styling with Wallis

For fellow petites, I recommend teaming white jeans with other lighter colours to give a slimming effect and to avoid looking shorter - wearing a dark colour on the top may actually draw the eye down to the bottom half making you appear bigger or even shorter. Keeping a monochrome palette is also an excellent idea and wearing all white can be very flattering. I decided to add darker accessories though for a more laid-back look, but without taking too much distraction away from the rest of the outfit. I loved the back detailing of the top, and the V-neck style is a good option for petites as it has a lengthening effect.

petite fashion style ideas
petite styling with Wallis
summer loafers from office
Petite styling with Wallis

Top & Jeans - c/o Wallis  //  Shoes - Office / Fedora - Primark // Bag - Topshop (similar) // 
Watch - Michael Kors  

I hope you liked my look? Stay tuned for the next instalment of perfectly petite with Wallis where I will be talking more about those petite style myths.
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