Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cosy nights

When the weather turns as cold as it has here up here in the North this past week, there's nothing I love more than jumping straight into my pj's and robe as soon as I get through the front door after work. Going to and coming home from work in the dark means I happily hibernate Mon-Fri - if it's not raining on my lunch hour (which it usually is) I'm happy to go for a walk to get some daylight on my face, but I mostly end up quickly rushing back to the office because it's so damn cold. And if this past week has taught me anything, it's that I seriously need to invest in a new hat and gloves!
Those cosy nights in seem to be extending into my weekends - favouring staying in over going out and, sometimes, not even getting dressed on Sundays. Is there anything better than a Sunday spent in your pj's watching your favourite films & drinking hot chocolate? I think not. 
A few weeks back, I was invited to the Cotton Traders 'summer sundown' event. Marking the end of Summer, we celebrated the fun adventures that the sunny days had offered us - we even got a scrapbook with our favorite summer photos printed out - and welcomed the colder winter months with a 'winter essentials' good bag.
A camera malfunction (I'm no good with technology, so this basically means who knows what happened) meant that I was left with no snaps of the event. However, I can show you how much I've been loving my gifts and putting that hot water bottle to good use. All the essentials for a cosy night in this Winter.
lifestyle, blogger, fashion, fashiondough, cotton traders, cosy nights, essentials, winter
essentials, lifestyle, fashion, blogger, fashiondough, cotton trader,cosy nights, fashion dough, lifestyle, blogger, fashion, cotton traders
*mug, slippers, hot water bottle and scrap book all courtesy of cotton traders 

Thanks again Cotton Traders for the fun event. I'm totally winter ready and praying for snow..



  1. Bethany avenoir10:14

    Looks so cosy! www.bethanyavenoir.com

  2. Joey Taylor10:53

    That robe looks so cosy and warm, I look forward to coming home and wrapping up warm at night! x


  3. That looks like the perfect night, tea and a fluffy gown :)


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