Friday, 19 June 2015

Forever 21?

I wish!
Even though I'm now well into my twenties, I somehow still find myself going back to (budget fashion heaven) Forever 21. I don't think they actually stipulate an age limit, do they? But, oh to be 21 again. Amiright?! In any case F21's contemporary range is aimed at twenty to thirtysomething women, apparently. And I'm quite a fan I have to say! I understand, as someone in their mid-20s, that it can be difficult to navigate F21 at times - knowing what to buy and what to definitely avoid. But more often than not, I somehow manage to find really cute on-trend pieces which I can probably just about pull off. I say that because I often tend to buy things that would also meet the approval of both my sisters - who are 21 and 15.
The contemporary range really is the way forward for those who want to avoid outlandish styles (not a slogan T in sight); the collection is more sophisticated with individual items in neutral tones, but still remaining trendy and still at a low cost. That's the beauty of fast fashion - whatever the current trends you can be sure that F21 has something on offer. I love the current Forever 21 collection at the moment. Every time I happen to stop by their online store I find a new 'must-have' item which ticks off one of the key trends for this season. This isn't boding too well for my bank balance, despite the whole collection being very purse friendly. I recently made a small on-line purchase which included a super cute button down denim skirt for just £14 - a fraction of the price the one I was deliberating about buying from Topshop. When I saw the skirt pop up on the 'new in' page I just knew I had to have it, and the price certainly sealed the deal. Other items I purchased included; basic t-shirts for easy layering, a denim pinafore, and a slogan T which I promise is more retro than it is trashy. I think that if you're after a few key items to tie in this seasons' trends without breaking the bank, hit up Forever 21 and let me know what you find.
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^ here are the items I purchased - mainly denim - which I have already styled up, so watch out for outfit posts to follow!

Sidenote: Forever 21 now offers free delivery to a store - which I opted for.
I love you,  Forever 21. 



  1. I haven't been to F21 since I discovered it in the states. It's good to hear they're over in the UK now. Might just have to pay a visit...

  2. Haha! Good post! Think I need to check out Forever 21 more... Look forward to seeing you style these up! xx

  3. I've never shopped at Forever 21, I always thought it was supposed to be quite expensive, I guess I was mistaken! You got some great bits too - love that Las Vegas top! x

    Stephanie |

  4. I find it quite competitive with other high street stores such as new look, H&M etc. Some basic items are very reasonably priced whereas there is the odd item which can be a tad overpriced. But generally pretty cheap on the whole. Glad you like it, I have styled it up - post will be live tomorrow :) x

  5. Thanks! First post will be up tomorrow :) x

  6. You should! The Trafford centre store, I find, isn't the best, but take advantage of free delivery to store and shop online instead x

  7. It's great that you can find similar pieces in F21 to the more expensive ones in Topshop. There isn't actually a F21 near me but I've shopped in one in London and it's great! They do have some really cute pieces, although they can be a bit young sometimes. And I'm only 18! The pieces you bought are really cool, I love the slogan tee - definitely not trashy!

    Seren xo | Pepe Silvia


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