Thursday, 3 April 2014

Black Habit

All black isn't very spring like is it? I know, I know, I keep talking about spring and the pastel colours we should all be wearing, but in my defence these photos are from a while back and well, the weather wasn't so kind yesterday so the coat was back on and again I'm falling back into my black habit. Forgive me?


What I wore:

Black faux fur // H&M
Black riding leggings with zip detail // Zara
Floral top // Miss selfridge
Biker boots // New look
Rings // H&M
Bag // River Island (which sadly is no more - it broke!)

What do you think of this look?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring Accessories

Spring Accessories

When I think of spring I image waking up in white linen bedding, the sun streaming through the drapes; the air light and fresh but not too sickly with warmth, just a nice gentle hug of sunshine.  I would put on my jeans and comfiest t-shirt and walk barefoot around the garden, and probably settle down with a book to get lost in.

I've compiled a small selection of my favourite accessories for this spring, and they would all go perfectly with a pair of skinnies and an oversized nautical t-shirt - perfect for a casual alfresco lunch with friends or for just running errands.

(1) Fedora hat (2) Frilly socks (3) Sunglasses (4) Pastel scarf (5) Baby pink polish (6) Topshop bag

What are your must have spring accessories? 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spring is Sprung

Follow Francesca Wood's board Spring on Pinterest.

Spring is known as a time for growth, renewal and new beginnings, and for me I feel that it's true. 
I feel fresh and re-energised and new, like a spring chicken, with the turn of this season. 
I tell myself that this is a time for personal reflection, growth and change. Whether it be attitude, my opinion on something or someone or my dedication to one hobby over another, this is the time to change my outlook on life for the better. 
I feel a much more positive person coming out with the change of the season, don't you?

My 'spring' mood board on pinterest is my current happy place, go check it out over on pinterest and follow me if you want to see more like this.

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