Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Cape

^see how happy I am with my new cape
We took advantage of the beautiful weather the weekend before last to shoot these pictures.
Although those mild, bright, Autumn days seem to be disappearing fast as winter settles in. I am just thankful that it wasn't raining as it meant that I could shoot some pictures for my blog, having finally gotten round to doing so. As I am writing this I realise how much I have missed blogging. I think I am going to push myself more, have a few less lazy Sundays and make more time for my blog.
Since the weather has been fairly kind to us lately, I have been wearing layers a lot! In particular, this gorgeous cape by Oasis which I snapped up from Asos, who were offering a generous 20% student discount at the time. I wanted to show you how easy it is to wear a cape this season; they're super versatile and an excellent way of staying warm whilst still looking chic.
I was so happy when my cape arrived as I had been searching everywhere for the perfect everyday cape I could layer over most outfits (for maximum cost per wear). I am glad I chose the black over patterned alternatives as it goes with pretty much everything, plus it's also super soft and cosy - I love it!
I may have also ordered myself another hat (I'm slightly obsessed) I think they're brilliant for adding an elegant twist to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Hat /Asos
Cape / Asos
Handbag & Necklace / Primark
Top / Topshop 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Budget Buys / Primark

I love to update my wardrobe with budget buys, especially from Primark.
Yes, they may only last one season (although I do have a few items from Primark that I've had a good few years and are still going strong), but who really cares when trends move on as quickly as they do. I mean I am all about investing in top quality sustainable items every now and then, but I really think those investment items should be carefully considered. I think it's brilliant that we have high street stores such as Primark and Forever21 offering amazing on-trend items at affordable prices. I venture into Primark every now and then and I usually have two big hauls a year where I stock up on current trends: one for Spring/Summer and one for Autumn/Winter. I haven't really done a big shop as such this Winter, but when I popped into my local Primark recently I knew I had to have this faux fur stole - a trend I am loving this winter, much to my boyfriend's dismay! I had already seen one, nearly identical to this, in Topshop for around £25 and this one was such a bargain at only £6. I am such a happy shopper when I bag myself a bargain...
Anyway, I also purchased this lovely sparkly top which I thought would be perfect for Christmas festivities. Only £8! *even happier now. And this super cute coin necklace for about £2 *does little dance. I also got some gorgeous earrings for only £2 and can't believe I didn't get a photo for you. I'm sure they will feature on the blog very soon though.

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