Thursday, 14 August 2014


So, I recently took the plunge and finally got my hair coloured
The last time my hair was coloured was about 3 years ago -  I have been growing out an old colour for what seems like forever so that my natural colour could come through.
3 years later and the look I was left with was my natural (slightly dull) hair colour with lighter blond(ish) ends from where the colour had eventually grown out. 
I decided that it was now time to give my hair a bit of a makeover, and after hours of browsing perfect glossy hair on Pinterest I decided that I didn't want to repeat mistakes made in the past, and that I wouldn't go for anything too drastic or dramatically different from my current color which just needed brightening up. I wanted something like this...

pictures via Pinterest

I popped along to my hairdresser and showed him the sort of look I wanted. After a couple of minutes deliberating, he showed me the color chart and pointed out those he intended to use and the technique involved. He told me he would work a few lighter strands through the ends and a root touch up to brighten up the overall colour.

He got to work whilst I watched on nervously as he worked his magic on my hair.
Whilst my hair was being blow-dried, I was anxious to see the results, biting my lip I watched as my hair dried into this wonderfully lightened, brighter, glossier hair. I was so pleased with the results. I even had my hair finished off with a few minutes in rollers to set my curly blow-dry; my hairdresser used 'The O' rollers by cloud 9 and the results were fantastic! I even contemplated buying the set myself, but it is quite pricy - although I'm sure it's totally worth it, it might have to go on my Christmas wishlist! 
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I wish I had a picture from the day itself. Not sure what face i'm pulling here ^ either?

What do you guys think of this look?


  1. OH MY you look GORGEOUS, your hair is the envy of all my dreams!! I have been dying to get this and you just look great xxx

  2. clairabelle030621:48

    Gorgeous, I really want to do something similar to my hair :)
    xxx Claire

  3. it looks fab!! I am loving this look at the minute and it really does suit you!


  4. Clo's Beauty Spot10:22

    Looks absolutely gorgeous, I love it! x

  5. Hope10:27

    The colour is ust gorgeous, I recently had my hair done and wanted it similar to this, and it turned out wrong :( Very jealous of your gorgeous hair! H xx


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