Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stomping Ground

This weekend has mainly been spent in and around Manchester City Centre, my stomping ground of late. I had wandered around the shops but didn't end up purchasing anything, unfortunately! After an unsuccessful morning I met my friend for a catch-up, but that story is for another day, what we are here  to discuss today is shoes. Actually, boots. My current favourite boots in fact!

I bought these lace-up biker boots a while back from New Look, a bargain not to be missed at only £29.99. I have slipped my feet into these more than I imaged I would; I envisaged that these rough and tough looking boots would only compliment a certain style of outfit. I was wrong. I have managed to throw these boots on with many an outfit: swing dresses, pastel jumpers and smart shirts, and I believe I have got away with it (just). These boots are super comfy and my feet can withstand a whole day of stomping around town in these things, something I cannot say about a lot of my footwear (including my flats!).

As you can see, these boots are well worn in but I still love them. I will definitely be wearing them until their inevitable death, but until then I will continue to cherish them and the 'well worn' look will only add to the grungy edge they bring to an outfit - hopefully!


  1. These boots are gorgeous and they were such a bargain! I love New Look shoes, they are really affordable and amazing quality. I love shopping in Manchester City Centre, there are so many shops! Have a lovely week dear.x

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I really love New Look for on-trend shoes. Great prices too!
      Hope you have a great week too lovely x


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